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Host a Play Date  |   Drink Tea with Friends  |   Make Money

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If you want to....

  • Make money working from home with your kids in tow.

  • Share incredible wellness tea with your parent friends.

  • Host playdates like no one else.

....then our #momboss program is for you!

"I felt guilty when I became a stay at home mom and wasn't contributing financially to the family anymore.  This program gives me extra money while providing fun playdates for my kids and myself."

It's as Easy as 1 . 2 . 3

Here's how the #MOMBOSS program works!

Sign Up

Join our program, purchase at least $25 a month worth of tea. (recoup that when you sell tea as a MomBoss to friends, family & neighbors.

Host a Playdate

Invite your friends over for a Tea Party Playdate and  serve them our tea. 

Sell Them Tea

Order tea for your friends and yourself and receive $2 for every tea tin that you sell.


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