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Our Story

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Working mom and coffee drinking fanatic, Jakki Millo, found herself in the same position as most women do after giving birth to her last child at the age of 39; overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

“After every baby, I enter a vulnerable psychological space that only moms understand.  The sleepless nights, pain from breast feeding and what experts call “baby blues” can make motherhood feel more like a train wreck than a miracle,” says Millo. 


“That leads to guilt and frustration which in turn gives way to yelling, tears and thus more guilt.  Because experts say these stresses can lead to the uprising of cancer cells in the human body and cancer runs in my family, I knew that I had to find someway to calm my nerves.”


Pregnant Woman

"You were someone before you became a parent and it doesn't mean that you're selfish if you miss that person."

Our Tea Line

  • They are strategically blended for parent health.

  • Our tea sachets are made of 100% biodegradable, starch material.

  • Even the string and tags are attached by ultrasonic sealing and not glue.

  • Gluten free and kosher certified.

  • The ingredients are large leaves and fruit pieces which hold their essential oils and function better than most other tea brands...even the most popular brands.

  • Our tea sachets breathe which allows a robust flavor to emerge.

  • We work with the best tea blenders around the world.

  • A portion of our proceeds go to charities that help families.

  • Guaranteed to work or your money back!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help Moms find their wellness balance with the right blend of herbs all the while debunking mom guilt & sadness by providing them a way to make money & new mom friends with their kids in tow.

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