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The Story Behind ParenTEAing

Washington State – Working mom and coffee drinking fanatic, Jakki Millo, found herself in the same position as most women do after giving birth to her last child at the age of 39; overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

“After every baby, I enter a vulnerable psychological space that only moms understand.  The sleepless nights, pain from breast feeding and what experts call “baby blues” can make motherhood feel more like a train wreck than a miracle,” says Millo.  “That leads to guilt and frustration which in turn gives way to yelling, tears and thus more guilt.  Because experts say these stresses can lead to the uprising of cancer cells in the human body and cancer runs in my family, I knew that I had to find someway to calm my nerves.”

Millos quest for a solution to her post baby mental and physical ailments led her to psychotherapists, psychologists and doctors of natural medicine.  “The ones that touched me the most,” Millo said, “were New York-based psychotherapist, certified parenting coach and mother Tammy Gold as well as Santa Monica, California based psychologist and mom Pamela Freundl Kirst.”

Dr. Gold validated Millos feelings by saying, “"There are nannies, doulas, and lactation specialists but my service helps parents with the emotional issues this gigantic change brings.”

Psychologist and mom Pamela Freundl Kirst gave practical advice by saying, “It's not just the actual time and effort involved in caring for this tiny creature that makes it so tough to find time for yourself, there's also an instinctually based psychological drive called primary maternal occupation that focuses your life on the relationship with your infant. Appreciating this can help you find ways to nurture and care for yourself directly." 

“Ok, so I need self-love, me time and appreciation for my body’s ability to produce such an amazing phenomenon,” reasoned Millo.  But her “aha” moment came from certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Josh Axe who educates people on the health benefits of drinking herbs in tea. Axe said, “In modern medicine, in the last few decades, several Indian scientists and researchers have studied the pharmacological effect of various parts of (herbs) on the immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastric system, urinary system and blood biochemistry. Researchers described the therapeutic significance of (herbs) in the management and relief of various ailments, and they established a scientific basis for the therapeutic uses of (herbs). It helps protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals and physical stress from prolonged physical exertion (can you say birth) and excessive noise (can you say crying baby?).  You can get these herbs in capsule form OR drink them as tea.”

Millo reasoned, “Taking some me time every day to enjoy a cup of tea that fills my body with medicinal benefits is what I need.”  Although she was an avid coffee drinker, she knew that tea was the answer.  So her quest for a tea connoisseur who knew which herb blends would help with her ailments but also tasted good began.  Eventually, Millo found the right blender in the USA and together they developed 7 different tea blends that assist with her issues; stress relief, mind fog, insomnia, energy, sex drive, constipation and losing the baby weight.

“OMG, it works.  Every parent needs this,” Millo thought and since her corporate background is in business development, she got to work on a tea brand and community of like-minded parents that she calls parenTEAing. Starting in December, 2019, the parenTEAing tea blends became available to purchase online, in tea & coffee houses as well as through community wellness tea parties that empower Moms by setting them up with their own business.

Some questioned Millo's belief about the post baby emotional benefits of drinking tea and is why she offers a 100% money back guarantee that the blends work.  “I know that moms are skeptical about things that promise relief because I’m one of them.  But this works and with the money back guarantee you have nothing to worry about.”

The brand, parenTEAing, is strategically blended teas that assist parents with stress relief, energy, libido, emotional calmness, constipation, sleep and losing the baby weight. But it's so much more than that too. It also gives moms a way to make money with their kids in tow so that they don't have "mom guilt" for having to return to work. We do that through our #momboss resale program where moms introduce our tea to their parent friends at wholesale pricing. This sense of community fills another need moms minded friends.   Although results may vary from person to person and these statements have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration, Millo stands by her feelings that drinking these strategically blended teas and belonging to the parenTEAing community can provide parents with the support they need to help get them through the emotional and physical issues parenting brings.

Sources: Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS. Tammy Gold, psychotherapist, certified parent coach and mother, New York. Pamela Freundl Kirst, PhD, psychologist and mother, Santa Monica, Calif.


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