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Doctor Says That Holy Basil in Tea Form Helps Reduce 15+ Health Issues in Parents. Real or Myth?

I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon. In my opinion, just because one doctor says that an herb or diet or nutritional change of some sort helps with detox or stress or whatever the flavor of the month is I don't often buy it.

But when doctor after doctor shows scientific evidence that a particular plant or herb or diet works to relieve some of the emotional and physical ailments I as a Mom of 5 carry, I tend to pay attention and share it with my #momsquad.

So I wanted to share with you what I found on holy basil and what is said about it and how it can help us as parents relieve some of the issues going on in our body.

I'm a big "cut and paste believer" because I don't want to misrepresent anything. I rather present you with the evidence directly from the source so that you can decide for yourself whether it makes sense for YOU and yours.

So, here's an article from Dr. Josh Axe. According to his website, "Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, is a doctor of chiropractic, certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. In 2008, he started a functional medicine center in Nashville, which grew to become one of the most renowned clinics in the world."

His first line of reasoning about holy basil says this: " Holy basilotherwise known as tulsi, is known for its therapeutic power. It has a rich history dating back 3,000 years ago to ancient Indian uses. Historically used as medicine due to its widespread therapeutic power, holy basil leaves are now regarded by most countries as adaptogens (anti-stress agents) and have been used widely to promote health throughout the entire body."

Hmm interesting. So people have been using holy basil as medicine for quite a while. What else?

Dr. Josh Axe goes on to say, "In modern medicine, in the last few decades, several Indian scientists and researchers have studied the pharmacological effects of various parts of the tulsi plant *(remember that's another term for holy basil) on the immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastric system, urinary system and blood biochemistry.

Researchers described the therapeutic significance of holy basil in the management and relief of various ailments, and they established a scientific basis for the therapeutic uses of tulsi. It helps protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals and physical stress from prolonged physical exertion, ischemia, physical restraint and exposure to cold and excessive noise."

So now we have some scientific reasoning as well. Keep going, Dr. Axe.

"The main benefits of holy basil (tulsi) include:

Fights acne

Protects against diabetes

Helps fight cancer

Balances hormones and lowers stress

Relieves fever

Helps improve respiratory disorders

Good source of vitamin K

Dental care and oral health

Relieves headaches

Supports eye health

Holy basil is referred to often in Ayurvedic medicine as an herb to treat a large number of conditions. Used for thousands of years, holy basil has very few side effects and many benefits to offer the body."

He says in the following video that drinking holy basil as a tea is beneficial in over 6 ways. Watch.
Naturally, this healthy herb got my attention and I spoke with my tea blending expert about adding it to one of our blends. She said, "I already did." Apparently, from her years in the tea industry she already knew that holy basil was beneficial and that's why it's in our detox tea blend.

So if this information on holy basil has you jumping up and down and you'd like to try out it's benefits for yourself, click here for retailers near you.


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