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Hey there.  Has anyone told you that you're a rockstar?  Well, you are and we're here to support your journey through the scariest hood... parenthood.

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If everyone is walking on egg shells around you and you feel like exploding at every turn, then drink this tea.  Parenting is exhausting.  Now add bills, jobs and parent-teacher conferences to the mix.  Don't worry!  We've been there, done that and can relate.  That's why we've developed this tea blend.  


Blended with lemongrass which relieves stress and lavender perfect for calming, everyone around you will thank you for making yourself a cup...including the bus driver whom you just flipped off.


Parents prefer this tea hot and it's great as a London Fog.

Chillax' Mom Stress Relief

    • Green Tea
    • Lemongrass
    • Lavender
    • Contains Caffeine
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