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3 Short, But Invigorating Break Ideas for Tired Parents

Parenthood is an amazing experience – one that changes you from within, one that shows you the things that really matter in life. Parenthood can also be a tiresome experience. When you have little kids to run after all day long and when you try to give them an education that will truly prepare them for life, it’s easy to understand that you get tired every now and again.

Parenthood is, however, a very full-time job – one you cannot simply take a vacation from, precisely because you hold the future of your own children in your hands. What about breaks? How to take a short break while your baby is asleep and feel invigorated afterwards?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Take a nap. Really, do it. Your baby is asleep – so why not nap a little with them? As long as they are safe in their cribs or little beds, why not recharge your own batteries? We all know there’s a whole new round of wonderfully fulfilling running around after them once they’re up – so taking a short break to close your eyes and re-gain your energy is one of the best things you can do.

Take a bath. Not a quick shower, but a proper bath: with salts, oils, and/or bubbles, with a bit of music on the background (just enough not to wake up the little angels), and maybe even with a good magazine or book. You don’t have to take a two-hour bath to relax – even 30 minutes can do wonders on your mood and help you relax a little.

Have a sip of tea. Obviously, we’re quite in love with tea here at Parenteaing – but this tip is not about that. It is about one pure and simple fact: tea has amazing powers. Depending on what type of tea you like to drink, this nearly magical drink can rejuvenate you, it can relax you, it can energize you, and it can simply make you feel better and less tired – and all in five to ten minutes!

Looking for the best and most delicious tea blends to help you through your journey into parenthood? Find the ParenTEAing brand at local retailers and sign up for parenting wellness tea parties for more tips on how to rock parenthood by clicking here.


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