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5 Health Reasons Why You Should Give Tea To Your Children

For parents, nothing is more important in this world than their children. They worry about their kids’ health and overall well-being, especially when they are not with them. Like other parents, you are also concerned about what your kids should drink. Believe it or not, not all families across the world let their children drink tea. They seem to think that tea is harmful to their babies and children (and yet they allow them to spend hours on mobile devices, right?).

Over the years, there has a debate on whether a tea is beneficial for children. Science has, in fact, proven that when given in safe amounts, it offers a number of health benefits. It is time to gather your “mom squad” and get some good parenting advice. Learn the many benefits tea can offer to your children!

Relieves Constipation

Do not panic, alright? Constipation is normal for kids. The best way to help them is by giving them tea, which can give relief. The “tea for energy” notion really applies here, as it can energize your kids. And, oh, if you got oatmeal there – it is best to partner it with a cup of tea.

Cures a Cough

You certainly hate it when cough starts to invade the very system of your kid. And you would do everything you can to soothe the situation. Interestingly, hot tea is enough to lessen the symptom of your kid’s cough. Although it really depends on the nature of the cough, you have a handful of team options that can alleviate it. But hey, it is not just your kids who can benefit from drinking teas. If you have been coughing lately (and could be the reason why your kid is having one), go ahead and get some teas for parents.

Heals Sore Throat

The problem with having a cough is that it can usually lead to a sore throat. That is why you often see your child irritated like he/she just lost access to a year-long lollipop treat. The best way to soothe your kid is to go for some hot tea. Mind you, it can also relieve related congestion.

Relieves Stress

Do you think you are the only one who gets stressed from time to time? Your kids can experience it, too! This becomes evident when he/she starts to show tantrums. The key here is to let him/her drink a stress-relieving tea. A ginger tea, in particular, should be perfect. In addition, it can also treat nauseous kids. If your son or daughter tends to vomit or experience an upset stomach, give him/her a cup of ginger tea. It is even perfect for all digestive-related issues.

Improves Heart Health

This is perhaps the best advice for parents. Whether you use some detox tea blends or mind clarity tea, it is the type of drink that can improve your kid’s heart health. Research suggests that plaque (not the one on your kid’s teeth, okay?) tend to build up in blood vessels, a narrative that can start in early childhood. A hot green tea, for instance, can reduce the resulting cholesterol levels; hence, heart health improves.

If you're looking for tea blends that relieve all of these symptoms then you're in luck. parenTEAing blends were developed by parents for parents and all of these ailments were at the top of our minds when putting these blends together.

Here's a link to the retail shops that carry our tea where you can purchase one or the entire line of tea and balance your families health.


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